“There’s got to be a better way …”

We bet you’ve heard or thought that countless times before. When it comes to reporting crime or suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, there is a better way!

We invite you to experience the power of people helping police the crowdsourcing way.

Alberta Crime Facts

Urban Alberta - per 100,000 people
Rural Alberta - per 100,000 people

* Statistics Canada - 2017 police reported crime rate

In 2018, the Alberta all reported violation total numbers is 400909.

Our Approaches

Focused on public safety
Designed for Alberta residents, businesses, visitors and law enforcement agencies
Empowering citizens to help police solve and prevent criminal activity in Alberta
Provide innovative value added services like full service alarm monitoring and hardware for business and individuals, safety solutions for vulnerable people, tracking services for valuable vehicles or equipment, and security vault allowing users to record details of their valuables in a secure space so it is easy to provide details to police, insurance and the App when necessary

How Crowd Security App Works

Report an event using your smartphone or home computer.

Report the event with pictures, video,

Now while police are enroute,

What our users says

The power of people helping police. "

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