The idea for Crowd Security initially sparked when a small band of active community members realized their mutual concern about the rise of crime in Canada. Determined to make a difference, they transitioned their motivation towards an approach that would be simultaneously modern and universally accessible. Crowd Security is the product of those efforts: a free downloadable app that combines fast communication and state of the art technology. We hope you will join us on our mission to combat injustice and build a safer tomorrow.


Our vision is to make the safest communities in Canada through software and hardware implementation.  That will give law enforcement the resources to be in the right place at the right time.


Our mission is to combine the power of technology and crowdsourcing to decelerate the occurrence of crimes, providing security for residents.


Safety tools, the Virtual Vault and crime reporting make up our connected ecosystem with the Crowd Security app at its epicenter. We believe the more connected we are, the stronger and more secure we will become.


Crowd Security is constantly expanding and taking on new projects. We are currently advancing towards home and business security. It is our goal to provide advanced technology solutions that seamlessly incorporate into the daily lives of our users. When it comes to community safety, we are never afraid to push the envelope.



Gary Zhang is a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) expert. He founded MRF Geosystems Corporation in 1992. MRF has developed industry-leading GIS products and solutions for over 6,000 customers. 


A crime reduction advocate and an energetic leader, Will is passionate about expanding Crowd Security’s scope. will.spinks@crowdsecurity.ca


Yes, absolutely. Crowd Security is dedicated to making our safety solutions as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible. Our goal is for a diverse group of individuals to be active within our app. No matter their differences, we hope they can be united by their desire for a safer, more secure tomorrow.

When you use Crowd Security, all of the information that is collected is strictly linked to reporting incidents and using the safety features. The access to phone locations allows our mapping technology to function smoothly, while giving our users instant notifications about incidents in their areas. All information that is gathered is on a private, secured server and won’t be shared.

The Crowd Security Safety App Addition is a new series of solutions we have chosen to add to our collection. It includes features like the Geofence function, the SOS Alert Button, and the Safety Timer. Take a look at the Crowd Security app to check them out!

For users that join us right now, the first year of Safety features is on us! Until December 2021.

Proceeding December 2021, pricing options are as follows;

Single User            $10 monthly or $100 annually 

Family (3 users)      $20 monthly or $200 annually

All items that are logged into the Virtual Vault within the Crowd Security app are secured on a private server. You can trust that the information of your valuables, whether it is for technology devices, family heirlooms, artwork, or jewelry, is safely stored.

Crowd Security is proud to say that we are an Alberta-based company with our head office located in Calgary. We are proud of our origins and enthusiastic about broadening our influence outside of our province.