Use Case 2

Current System

Person A see suspicious white Chevy with man with goatee in front seat on field approach 2 miles from house doesn’t think its worth bothering police .

Person B sees white Chevy a mile away from house on field approach get license plate as they drive by, under current system person B keeps number in vehicle in case something pop up but doesn’t bother police.

Person C is victim of B&E person C has surveillance video under current system person C has no other information besides video, reports to police suspects came in white Chevy truck.

Crowd Security System

Person A can use the app to report what was observed then can give geographic radius of where they observed the truck, once recorded all member receive notifications immediately.

Person B sees post from person A, person B makes report on app including the license plate number only suspicious vehicle still decides not to call police.

Person C remembers seeing information on app from the night before they report on app they had B and E involving the White Chevy Truck and reports to police information from A And B police now have report that includes truck, possible licence plate, and possible description of the driver.

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